Win a free book. Enter Barb’s SUMMER CONTEST

Good morning,
Since I sent this information out to the people in my Newsletter contact list earlier today, I thought more people might be interested as well. It could be a fun project as you are enjoying the summer with your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

During the past four weeks, I have been on 4 Author Visits. In each of these recent presentations, I decided to experiment with a crochet cat I made a few years ago. I created a “puppet show” with her, during part of my presentations, and the children have been responding as if we just popped out of their TVs from Sesame Street.

What an absolute hoot! (And, an added benefit, is that “GG” can visit schools with me without the risk of creating allergic reactions. Yeah!)

Some local people will remember “GG” from my book making classes, as their children have written stories about her. She is making an impact, and educating children about the benefits of reading, and writing their own picture books.

In this post, I have attached, two photos for you. As you view them, you’ll see how I photographed the one within a summer activity. This is very similar to the “Flat Stanley” idea elementary school teachers have been doing with doing kids, except now they can do it with a picture of GG.

Feel free to encourage anyone you know to print these photos, and enter my contest.

Here are SUMMER CONTEST rules: (as stated on Facebook)
We also hope you enter our Summer CONTEST. We are granting you permission to print this photo, and take it with you as you visit various places this summer. So whether you go to the beach, your local community pool, or a nice garden please photograph the photo in a fun location, and post it here on my Facebook page.

(You may also photograph the photo next to a favorite book, or summer activity such as creating sidewalk designs.)

Then, on August 31, 2016, I will pick a name at random to win an autographed copy of my second book entitled, These are My Toys, Boys by Ms Barb, Who Is Afraid of Loud Noise, or another book I have written. Scroll to the bottom of the page at Barb’s Books.

Get good and creative, and enjoy some felinFB_IMG_1467321137083(1) Crochet GG with pink flowerse fun with my “Visiting Feline Friend”!! It will be fun to see the many places GG goes, as children enter this contest!

Also, for anyone NOT on Facebook, please encourage them to enter by simply sending me their creative photo, I will still enter them without posting their picture.
Another Summer Contest ex photo

I would also appreciate it if you’d encourage any teachers, or parents, of young children to sign up for my educational Newsletters. They will start being sent out towards the end of next month. I’d love to have more folks joining me in this new adventure. I would especially love to invite parents who are homeschooling their children.

Please send in photos, and requests for my Newsletters, through my contact page.

Have a PURR-fectly great day!


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