Summer (and Summer Olympic Games) are not over yet!

As I have had a chance to watch the Summer Olympics Games, I have been amazed at the various athletes. Go USA! My favorites to watch this past week have been the swimming, diving and gymnastics .. whoa! They have inspired me, and challenged me since I am ready to get more active, get in shape, and lose, at least, 10 pounds myself. Oh, how I wish!

I’ve also been a tad convicted. I mean how much time does a gymnast, devote to her training?  And what do they ‘give up’ so they can train, and work out that long each day? I thought I heard one announcer saying that the girls haven’t gone to the prom, or movies, or other things most high school girls like to do. I read that these girls work out 30 hours a week, and spend most of their day at the gym. Can you imagine?

I would be embarrassed to share how much time I (don’t) spend on exercise vs. how much time I (do) spend on the internet. Yes, I’ll keep that little secret to myself.

And that brings me to children. Remember, down deep in my heart, I’m still an educator,  even though I consider myself semi-retired now.

I called a school within the last 9 months, about my Author Visits, and spoke to the principal. As I described my presentation, she was very encouraging AND she got very excited as I shared how I can motivate her students.

Really? Why? Don’t have long range goals? Do they lack confidence? Are they well supported? I am just wondering here. She was referring to the older students in her school, maybe fourth and fifth graders, and it broke my heart.

Maybe that’s why I am so passionate about giving children a good solid foundation in the early years. Not everyone competes in the Olympics but children really can do so much! See 14 Inspirational Kids

And, for those of you with young children, check out Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games! from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

Congratulations to all the winners, in all the different countries, may we all find meaningful goals we can work hard to achieve, and inspire the next generation to do so.

Here’s are two more summer ideas:

This one comes from “Summer activities for Kids”: Ice Cube Excavation

And if you want to win a free book for a child, you still have just over two weeks to enter Barb’s SUMMER CONTEST



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