Back to School …. for everyone?

Assuming you have a family …..ahhhh ….. the kids are back in school! Perhaps, like me though, you are saddened by the end of the care free days of summer, or you have a child entering Kindergarten this year, and you have mixed feelings about your growing child reaching this milestone, and certainly not being “your baby” any longer.

And, maybe you still have younger siblings at home. Your older children have new school supplies, new teachers, new schedules, and yes, new educational goals. Your child’s teacher will review them, or refer to them, in a few weeks when you go to the “Meet Your Teacher” night.

BUT, what about those younger ones?

Have you ever thought of developing goals for your preschool children?
Here are just a few general thoughts I have on the subject, since I taught Pre-K, and I’d love your thoughts:

IMG_20160420_162029_639 GG office Library best

  • Help them develop a serious love of reading Check out:  Once upon a time
  • Math concepts, and problem solving opportunities, are meaningful. Consider: It just makes good sense
  • There is so much to experiment with and explore (See the photo below from my Facebook page. Cute idea, right?)
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • We live in community with others (develop emotional and social skills)
  • Technology, in moderation, can be a useful tool

From FB Bear in the clouds


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