Springing into action with books … and maybe more?

While working in a supportive role in an elementary school, I had these two conversations with very young children in recent weeks:

1). After an unusual looking fox ran in front of my car one evening, I shared the story with my Kindergarten children the next morning. I asked them if they’ve ever heard of a brown and gray fox. Several of them told me, with the greatest confidence five year old children possess, “No! Mrs C. foxes are red.”

“I know that’s what I thought too,” I replied (tongue in cheek), “but this was definitely not a red fox.”

After they shared “their wisdom” on foxes, I asked, “What can we use to find out more about foxes?”

These were their suggestions:

“Videotape them.”

“Ask a scientist.”

“Look on the computer.” (“Okay, I get that,” I muttered to myself.)

Sadly, only one child said, “Look in a book.”

2). Another day while escorting them down a hallway, I reminded them, “Follow who is in front of you and eyeballs forward please.”

A few of them questioned, thinking I was surely off my rocker, “Eyeballs?”

When I explained, “Yes, didn’t you know our eyes are like little balls?”

The next question piqued my interest, “What are eyeballs made of?”

So guess what my little (semi-retired) teacher self did next?

I went to my local public library and I borrowed a couple of NON-FICTION books.

Foxes and eyeballs nonfiction books

We have been learning so much about foxes and we are about to learn about eyeballs. (I promise I will be very selective, though, about sharing pages of ‘other parts of the human body.’)

The reason I love working with young children is because they become so curious and ask great questions. The best question came from one little girl who is about to become a big sister. “How does the mommy fox know if her baby will be a boy or a girl?” Of course, her mom had a sonogram done months ago to reveal the answer they aren’t going to wait to learn in the delivery room. I can assure you I chuckled, for quite a while, at the thought of a fox having a sonogram.

I am so passionate about encouraging children to read for many different reasons and for their families to participate in all that their public libraries offer. I guess my adult son is correct in saying, “Mom, you’re old school.” And, I proudly admit that’s true. I grew up going to the public library, researching through encyclopedias, and books found in the card catalog, to complete book reports in school and even larger papers in college. I am learning all I can about this new techno world, and trying embrace all it has to offer. (Well, okay most of it.) And, I’m on a mission to redirect children back to books. Books ARE fun!!

So here’s where I get bold and courageous and ask you to consider “springing into action” yourself. My husband and I have been sharing one laptop for about six years, and he needs it more for his line of work, so I need one myself now to make my dream business come true. (Oh, and, if you yourself are trying to grow a business, check out this new book.) I just started reading it this week: Business Boutique.

Anyway, in an effort to raise capital to buy a laptop and a projector, I just added this new post on my Facebook page.

And, I know my blog is new to the WordPress community but if you are at all inclined to support me, or share this post, I would be eternally grateful.

If you are not on Facebook, here is the post and my photos:

18055894_1014455765352741_6021563018920153684_o GG on snowflake sweatshirt
This is GG, my water loving cat. I’ve written two children’s picture books about her.

Here is your Fun Feline photo: Did you know kitties have whiskers ABOVE their eyes? How did I learn about that? I read it in a nonfiction BOOK. Yippee for facts one can read and learn about, right? Promoting literacy, motivating children to read, and inspiring them to write their own picture books has become my passion. Would you please consider donating to this campaign of mine, if you are able? I am hoping 17966218_1014457115352606_7998322466836385601_o GG with eye whiskers 2to take my business to the next level and impact MANY children!! https://www.gofundme.com/BarbsBooksAV4Kids


Thanks for reading. You’ve heard folks say, “You can take the teacher out of the school but you can’t take the school out of the teacher,” right? That’s me!!


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