Hurray for Hanna Anderson!

This is one of those all too familiar “a funny thing happened on my way stories,” because a funny thing actually did happen just this weekend. I had been planning to write a very different post today until this thing came up.

And, it all started yesterday with a pair of sneakers that were getting on my last nerve. After buying myself a brand new pair of sneakers last December, they started literally falling apart. I mean the soles kept coming off after numerous attempts to glue them back together with Shoe Goo. I’m guessing the sneakers were dry rot, or something, because one of the heels actually collapsed on me. Since my summer job has me walking all over a campus and shopping for teacher, and office, supplies I admitted it was time to start looking around for a new pair. Ugh! I hate spending money unexpectedly, don’t you?

As it was a slow day in the office yesterday, I looked online at my local mall to see what shoe stores I might want to visit. As the website came in, so did all the stores that featured amazing sales and events.

One event caught my eye and I got very excited.

It was an ad for Storytime at 11:00am … TOMORROW!!!

Are you familiar with Hanna Anderson, the clothing store for children? Talk about “Oh my goodness!!” The clothes are gorgeous and I wish I were little enough to wear them myself. I am familiar with this clothing line because when I taught preschool I always loved seeing, and commenting about, the adorable clothes my kiddos wore. At times, I’d ask the children if they would mind if I could peek at their labels. Sure enough, often they were Hanna Anderson clothes. I really love the knit dresses because I used to sew some like that for myself. How I wish the local sewing stores sold nicer knit prints. I’d definitely dust off my sewing machine again!

Last night, after I spent considerable time at the shoe store of my choice I went to introduce myself to the woman at the Hanna Anderson store to learn more about this program. What I learned made my day!!

Hanna Anderson has partnered with a non-profit company, Raising a Reader, to “develop book routines with kids.” When you buy Hanna Anderson’s stripped long johns (PJs I believe) this organization gets 15%. Check it all out Hanna Helps: Raising a Reader

Somehow I missed this whole thing. Who knew this has been going on for 15 years? I guess I need to stop writing so much and get out more often.

Hanna also has an entire line of costumes to encourage kids to engage in imaginative play. Oh boy, I can just see some kids wearing that fox’s tail and pretending to be Max in Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I’m sure he, or she, would let the wild rumpus begin. Okay, that’s maybe what I would do!

Hanna anderson costumes

Yes, as a semi-retired teacher, I agree that imaginative play IS “critical for kid’s success in school.” Hopefully, the whole Max skit occurs well before bedtime, though, so the child is tired enough to fall right to sleep once the last page in the bedtime story is turned.

So, of course, you realize I had to go back this morning and witness this story time myself, right? FullSizeRender Andrea at Hanna Anderson This is Andrea Bloch, the store manager, reading today’s selection to a few little ones. Then the children get a coloring book and a chance to win books. How cool is that?

I took a few pictures of some of the clothes as well because they are so adorable!! Bear with me as I share a few. I felt like a kid in a candy store! My girlfriends know I love the Red Hatters, so when I saw these red and purples dresses I had to take out my phone to snap this photo.

Yes, I even saw a red hat. Go Red Hatters!IMG_3991 Hanna Anderson red and purple dressesCheck out these darling slippers and fun dresses too. Oh, the potential for the famous twirl factor!!

Lastly, I took an opportunity to ROAR like a dino! Yes, it doesn’t take much to get me excited!IMG_4005 Hanna Anderson Roar like a dino

Thankfully, I did get a partial refund for the sneakers and the whole thang led me on this much more fun  journey. Sure, I’ll also buy new sneakers, later!

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Enjoy these summer days, with a good book, of course!


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