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For the past nine years, I have been known by many children as Miss Barb, and sometimes as Miss Barbeque, but I will save that wonderful story for another time. (Yes, I promise I will share the story, a tad later.) Years ago, before my son was born, I taught second grade for seven years. Then nine years ago I entered a private preschool, and my life changed forever. My spirit just lifts naturally when I get to interact with young children. Maybe it is their innocent ways of viewing life, and the world around them. Seriously, I enjoy their playfulness, curiosity, and excitement for life. What a pleasure to guide, encourage, motivate, inspire and entertain them while, at the same time, educating them!

Yes, I’ve listed my education below. However, I believe one of my biggest qualifications, is the pas13238875_10206338730003371_508067533332439643_n Ladybugsion I have to ‘love on them,’ and offer opportunities to bless them in any way I can. I have recently been asked to finger paint for a few events, and oh my goodness, that was so much F-U-N!! Who knew after years of doodling, and being artsy, that I could bring a smile to a child by painting lady bugs, or kitty cats on their faces?

Although, you can see my favorite Red and Purple hat in my photo, I wear a few other hats as well. In recent years, I have provided private tutoring, child care, Home school classes, and I have (so far) written two children’s picture books. I am also in the process of writing a book for adults about hearing loss, since I have a moderate to severe hearing loss myself. This struggle, unfortunately, keeps me out if the classroom now since it is too hard to hear everyone in large groups of children.

At this stage, I have been encouraged to share my experiences teaching young children online. As I have considered how I¬† might go about this, I realized I also have a passion to come alongside parents, and even educators, to encourage them in their roles with children. As Whitney’s song says, “I believe children are the future.” And, I believe it is our responsibility¬† to teach them well.

McDaniel College

  • BA Art/Elementary Education
  • M.Ed Deaf Education
  • 90 hour Certification Early Childhood Education

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